Log a Case

The link below will allow you to log a case directly into our client relationship management software.  It creates a record of your question or concern and assigns follow up activities.  Our call center then processes it and insures your question or issue is resolved.  Logging a case will also notify us at once by email in the field and if there is an urgent need we can contact you at once. 

To file a case, go to http://www.aquatechnex.com/case_registration.html



2 Responses to Log a Case

  1. Lisa says:

    Are there any plans yet for milfoil treatment for this summer (2010) for Pend Oreille? If yes, when will treatment maps and information be available?

    • aquatechnex says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Update. Somehow last year’s information got posted in response to your question.

      The process that is going on in Bonner County is that the Idaho State Department of Agriculture is going to manage all applications. They will be starting with a Survey to map remaining milfoil, then they will proceed to develop treatment plans. At this point, I believe they are going to put out a request for proposals for applicators to treat areas they determine require treatment. We will of course respond to that when it happens. If we are successful, we plan to use the same mapping system as last year that people can view to see where treatments are in relationship to their properties.

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