Treatment Map Fall 2010

ISDA has contract with Aquatechnex to apply aquatic herbicides to three sites in Lake Pend Oreille this fall.  Below is an overview of the location of these treatment sites and a close up of each location that interested parties can review. 

Overview of Treatment Locations. Please note Windjammer site is being treated by SCUBA Diver Removal








Longbridge Treatment Site


Bottle Bay Treatment Site


Ellisport Bay Treatment Site


10 Responses to Treatment Map Fall 2010

  1. Jane Fritz says:

    Where exactly in the Hope area are you planning to treat? I would like to know the exact areas and how many acres you plan to treat on Thursday.

  2. Chuck Samson says:

    The interactive map is quite impressive. I am surprised at how many of the thick weedbeds I encounter on our boat are not shown on the map. Presumably those are not Eurasian Milfoil. I understood a new survey/mapping of the lake was being done this month. If so, what is the status?


    • aquatechnex says:

      Yes there are many areas in the system where native aquatic plants have started to occupy space now that the milfoil has been suppressed. The County will be looking at a number of areas over the next few weeks to see if additional milfoil stands are present, the plants got a late start this year, the polygons that are purple had milfoil in them at the end of last season, but did not hold enought to warrent treatment in July. In addition, the State ISDA terminated treatment of a number of low use sites this year. This happened Friday night. This could lead to rapid recovery of milfoil in adjacent waters as this plant spreads by fragmentation. The primary purpose of the map was so that people could see where treatments were occuring in relationship to their property or the portions of the waterbody they use.

  3. Jim Holland says:

    We are located about 1000 feet South of the 1.5 acre Wendlemere dock application and would like to know why our property was posted as this, I am told, application is not supposed to travel. Are we correctly involved in the posting? The map shows in red hash marks we are not involved at 90 Kulleyspell Drive in the Wendlemere dock application. Please advise.

  4. You say that the areas outlined in purple are not milfoil, so I assume that we are free to remove the obstructions to navigation ( the existing weed masses} as prescribed by the Corps of Engineers and the Coast Guard. We are dedicated to keeping our waterways clear and free of hazard. 79 Thistle Down Lane, Laclede,Idaho West of the railroad crossing of Thistle Down Lane

    • aquatechnex says:

      The areas outlined in purple had Eurasian Milfoil present in the fall of 2008, they did not have enough to warrant treatment this summer as of July. You should be clear to go ahead and do that.

  5. Kate Wilson says:

    Wondering why Priest Lake does not appear on the interactive map…I know it was treated a couple of weeks ago.

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