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As we start this project up on August 10th, be aware that there are a number of ways to contact us if you have questions. 

Our local office can be reached at 208-255-6685.  Please give us a call if we can help you.

You can follow us on Twitter by subscribing to follow us at or review the Twitter posts on the front page of this blog.  We will be updating that from the field a number of times a day.

You can go to the “Log a Case” tab on the front page of this blog and fill out that form, it will process through our customer service center and get you the answers you need.

You can also use the interactive map tab from the front page.  That map will show you what is to be treated, what has been treated and where water use restrctions are in place. 

Thank you. 

Eurasian Milfoil Pre Treatment

Eurasian Milfoil Pre Treatment


18 Responses to Contact and Follow Us

  1. Georgia Miller says:

    We have a cabin near the southeast corner of Cavanagh Bay at Priest Lake. Can you tell me if the 3-4 acres you are treating for milfoil is in this area? We pull out water from the lake. I looked at the satellite pictures on the AquaTechnex website and have not been able to locate Priest Lake.


    • aquatechnex says:

      The area under consideration for treatment is in the south of Bear Creek Bay, there are no home along the shoreline close to the proposed treatment site. Will update this when the plans for the lake are approved.

  2. Janet says:

    Can the kids still swim if the lake is being treated?

    • aquatechnex says:

      Janet, the two products being used are cleared by the US EPA to be applied without placing any swimming restrictions on the treatment area waters. In addition, most of the treatment areas are in deeper water, probably outside the beach areas in most cases. You should check the interactive map page, you can zoom in on your house and see if there is a treatment planned in front of your property.

  3. Bonnie Kay says:

    Will you be treating in the Gypsy Bay area August 10-17? If you are treating is it ok for pregnant women to swim there? Can dogs drink the water treated by Triclopyr? It sounds like they can the 2,4-D…I can’t get your map–don’t have the software. I leave this Thursday, so would appreciate a reply tomorrow. Thanks. Bonnie

    • aquatechnex says:

      There are no treatments located directly within Gypsy Bay. The areas in the main river channel off shore from Gypsy Bay are scheduled to be treated with 2,4-D, areas in deep water and probably beyond where people swim generally. This product has an effect on a process that is unique to plants with no impact on animals, that is why EPA has cleared it for application without placing swimming restrictions or restrictions on pet and animal water consumption. You might need to download Adobe Flash Player if you are having trouble viewing the map, you can do that for free at

  4. Christine Gooley says:

    These chemicals are banned in Europe. I wonder why?

    Isn’t telling people that their children and pets can swim and drink the water after a Triclopyr and 2,4-D application irresponsible?

    Please use mechanical means to remove the milfoil.

    • aquatechnex says:

      We have based all our comments on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s evaluation and their restrictions. We don’t know about Europe, but our EPA sets the guidelines here and they publish the restrictions of lack of them based on their extensive evaluation of these products and the application to water.

      EPA says there is no swimming restriction. EPA says there is no potable water use restriction for Animals. EPA has set requirements for the use of potable water drawn from the treatment areas, this water can’t be used for this purpose until it reaches the EPA drinking water tolerance.

      Comments regarding other control options should be directed to the County.

  5. joel spencer says:

    We have a property at the “shelf” on Steamboat Bay at Priest Lake. JUST today we received the mailer – when is Priest scheduled and will it be in the Steamboat Bay area just north of Coolin?

  6. Jane Holzer says:

    I phoned to ask an important question and have had no response. We are the Kullyspell Homeowners Assn on the Hope peninsula. We have a community water system that draws water from the lake. What are the five Hope locations you plan to treat with 2,4D? What is normal time-frame for potable water usage after treatment?

  7. Dixie Howard says:

    I was wondering if the treatment plant in Priest River is going to take care of all of the poisons in the water, so we can drink it and water my garden?

    • aquatechnex says:

      We are buffing the intake at all intakes so that herbicides won’t reach them. EPA has established set back distances they feel are safe and they condition the labels accordingly.

  8. Chris Munro says:

    Your information as of Friday says restrictions have been lifted in Oden Bay area (off Kootenai Point) but the map does not indicate that. Please verify.

    • aquatechnex says:

      There is one site in the middle of Oden Bay that has been cleared, that is the one we refer to. The ones on the point and Kootenai Bay are waiting till the next sampling event. The map should reflect that.

  9. Could you tell me if chuck slough is on the list to be treated. It is a real milfoil seed problem for the Pend O’reille river. Thank you, keep up the good work

    • aquatechnex says:

      At this point, the ISDA is taking responsibility for mapping and planning Eurasian Milfoil control operations for 2010. They have not to my knowledge developed treatment maps for 2010. There may be more information available at the Bonner County Invasive Species Task Force meeting this Thursday morning.

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